About us

Eagle Ministries International Inc., was formed in 1981 When Rev. Mary Cutler and Rev. Trisha Clothier began to travel in the USA and Canada preaching the Word of God and ministering to those who attended their meetings in hotels and community halls.

In 1983 they formed a church with their husbands in Billings, MT. They had all attended Rhema Bible Training Center together, graduating in 1981.

Later, as others were added to the ministry, they began a school of ministry where they taught students from around the nation and world from the Word as well as the practical application of the Gospel in their lives.

Over the years they have ministered in many nations including Ghana West Africa, India, Canada, England, Germany, Thailand, the Philippines, Japan, Scotland, and Ireland. The overseas ministry is both apostolic and prophetic in nature.

In the early years of the ministry they were given a unique music ministry from God. They move in high, Throne Room worship as well as powerful warfare praise using autoharps, drums, key board, and guitars. They write all their own music using the Scripture for the words.

In 1992 they formed a Christmas Choir which performs their own original music each year in various venues in the Billings community and other cities in the USA as well as overseas.

Most recently, God has been calling them back to their original prophetic ministry call. At the end of 2008 He called them to start “A Company of Prophets” ministry. The entire church and ministry are presently moving as a company of prophets with new song, prophetic demonstration, prophetic counseling and the spoken prophetic word.

Eagle Ministries is a very diverse ministry moving strongly in corporate anointing to bring forth restoration, reformation, and revival. The ministry has always been a corporate ministry with many individual gifts and calls uniting for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God.