Mission to Ghana : Eagle Ministries has long been a generous ministry that has been very free with the gifts and calling of God. Each and every person in Eagle Ministries is dedicated, skilled and willing to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever they go. We have had to the privilege of travelling overseas since 1988 when we first travelled to Ghana, West Africa; this was the cradle of our overseas ministry and served as the place which forever changed our vision of the world and expanded our already extensive world view. Eagle Ministries has always known a tremendous love for the United States of America and has ministered for many years in various communities in many states.

The spiritual treasure of the United States of America was never meant to be kept under a bushel and so Eagle Ministries has brought the spiritual treasure of America abroad. The ministry has set foot in many countries to date and has enjoyed seeing the power of God manifest in many foreign communities. It has been our mission to return to the United States with the testimony of all that has been seen and done by the Lord and this has brought the spiritual treasure of other nations home to America. This dual blessing has led to many wonderful miracles and allowed us to keep a fresh and open view of what God has in store for the future.

Eagle Ministries has brought foreign students and people to America to be trained in ministry so that the home communities of the students might in turn be blessed. Lately we have felt more and more to bring the ministry to local churches where leadership can be strengthened and know a great refreshing that comes from the strengthening of the vision which God has given to local people. We fully believe in corporate ministry where no one gift is insignificant. We are called as a company of prophets and move together in corporate ministry which brings together the pieces of the puzzle to make a beautiful tapestry.

We in Eagle Ministries truly believe that no matter where God calls us to go we will go and know His blessing. No nation is off limits and no people are without the call of God on their lives. Our desire in Eagle Ministries is to enhance, liberate and strengthen the work of God wherever we go. We have witnessed the awesome international call on Eagle Ministries in the nations of the world.

We have seen God move in Africa, India, Thailand, the Philippines, England, Germany, Canada, Japan, Ireland, and Scotland and this is only the beginning. The greatest inheritance that we could ever have is Jesus and the best way to appreciate this wonderful relationship we have with Him is to share Him with the nations of the world. We in Eagle Ministries believe in revival, reformation and the move of the spirit of God. We love to bring Christ wherever we go!